For caregivers and families

Support groups

Providing long-term support for a family member or loved one can lead to the neglect of your own needs and wellness. For some, connecting with others in a similar role creates opportunities for encouragement, personal reflection, and respite. We can help you to find existing groups near you, or to join one of our own NJIC3 groups. Please give us a call or email to discuss options. 

Educational programs

Navigating the many resources and decisions with someone who is experiencing cancer in their body can be a confusing–even overwhelming–task. NJIC3 seeks to make available the expertise of professionals in the cancer space, who can aid in addressing questions and connecting people in the community with helpful resources. For upcoming educational events, please check our calendar or get in touch directly. 

Mental health and wellness activities

As a caregiver, your own mental, physical, and emotional health matter, and nurturing these different aspects will take a unique form for everyone. NJIC3 seeks to be a resource that can connect you with professionals and groups that will be restorative and life-giving. This might include therapy, yoga, meditation, and much more. For information on groups hosted by NJIC3, please check our calendar or get in touch.

Please note: we are conscious of the practical difficulties caregivers might face in taking time away from those they are caring for. If this applies to you, do not hesitate to speak with us about how we might be able to help you to create time for yourself.